Monday, September 22, 2008

How the Google censorship in China looks

Click image for larger version

Via Wikimedia


Croydonian said...

Try searching 'Tibet' on Baidu, the market leading Chnese language search engine.....

Unsworth said...

Nicely illustrated. Of course it's not going to change for many years yet.

Anonymous said...

This is hardly new, but I've just tried using .cn and addresses for Google Image search from the UK.

If I search for 'tiananmen square', I seem to get about as many tanks from the Chinese Google as the British one:

On the other hand, if I search just for 'tiananmen', I only get one tank in the Chinese version:

I suppose I could try it when I'm next in an Internet cafe in China, but I anticipate that I might pretty quickly find a polite but authoritative young man in a well-ironed green uniform shirt looking over my shoulder.

Incidentally, there's something strangely self-referential about the image on the far right column, second row down.

Anonymous said...

this is what zanu-labour party would love to do to the British National Party website