Monday, September 29, 2008

Conference: Iain Dale and David Davis have a chat

Am currently watching Iain Dale interview David Davis in the Freedom Zone about his civil liberties campaign. He's just come on to the issue of Britishness, citing Gordon Brown's obsession with it and how to define it. He noted that once, the directory Liberty, Shami Chakrabati, thought that for Gordon Brown the campaign would have to be called "Make Liberty History".

Davis also said that he has never had a regret about doing what he did on this issue, and at no point has he ever thought "what the bloody hell was I doing?". Apparently, when he resigned the conversation with Cameron was a two minutes rushed conversation about the risk.

Davis also said that he believes if the House of Lords holds it nerve on 42 days, that the issue of civil liberties will be high up on the agenda as the Parliament Act is likely to be needed to push through the policy, this is apparently why the issue seems to have gone quiet for Davis in the last few months.

UPDATE: Davis thinks that Cameron is probably going to have the worst economic handoff from Brown since 1979. Never a truer word spoken I think. Davis is, he says, not interested in a Government job because he doesn't see anyone that he could replace. There was however, in essence, a "never say never" which is understandable I think. Davis has also conceded that h got one thing wrong in the leadership campaign, and that was he got Gordon Brown wrong, and didn't think he would be as bad as he has turned out to be.

When asked if he would have done anything differently, Davis said that if he had been leader he would "not let my shadow Home Secretary resign"


Anonymous said...

Davis is a cool guy, no mistake. said...

I feel a bit sorry for DD. If Labour had had the guts to face him in the bielection it would have brought the debate to the forefront much better and would have demonstrated to the wider public just how awful the current governemnet are. Instead, Labour couldn't be bothered, the BBC ignored it and the Murdoch press - bizarrely - pretty much supports the government on it.

Anonymous said...

Well, he would say that wouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

As a internet contributor to DD's re-election campaign, I feel more than a little miffed that DD has not had the courtesy of saying thank you to myself and my fellow financial contributors.

Anonymous said...

I received letters of thanks from DD for a small financial contribution and also for helping out briefly in the campaign.

I was disappointed that the campaign website was not updated regularly during and since the campaign and have been puzzled by David's reticence recently.