Monday, September 22, 2008

The chipmunk's backhanded attack on Brown

I just can't imagine who she is refering to when she talks about people reciting lists of achievements and rambling on about what the Tories did 14 years ago.

That little firey chipmunk is scary I tell thee!


Events dear boy, events said...

Yes it is all getting very interesting. Blears has obviously had her nose put out of shape by someone.

This Labour conference is going to be a non-event. The fun will start next week with the reshuffle.

Miliband will move before the by election. It is too risky to wait.

Alan Douglas said...

Iain Dale will be pleased ! He has some totally inexplicable thing going for this soon-to-be headless chicken.

The reshuffle will probably be timed to take the Tory Conference out of the headlines. Such is the motivation of the great morally-encompassed/compromised leader.

Alan Douglas

Robert said...

Na he will not move when he turns around that large yellow streak runs down his back he knows if he makes a move and then loses it's the end.