Thursday, August 07, 2008

Was Miliband target of Team Brown black-op?

I had to go into hospital yesterday for small minor procedure so I dind;t really do much blogging and I also didn't see the Daily Telegraph exclusive that suggested David Miliband was already choosing his potential Cabinet and had "done a deal" with Alan Milburn to be his Chancellor.

Today's Telegraph is running a follow-up on the story saying it has backfired because Milburn is disliked, and also noting that both his and Miliband's offices have issued denial. According to the Irish Times those denials came in the form of "absolute bollocks" from Milburn and "work of fiction" from Milband.

Now far be it from me to wish to support the M&Ms' line, but the whole thing smells funny to me. It sounds to me more like a story planted to cause Brown's opponents damage whilst keeping Brown's fingerprints off it. Coming just days after the Blair memo was leaked after all, Team GB (the one not in China) must have been seething.

The battles may be individually won in the Labour Party but clearly the war goes on.


Anonymous said...

I thought the same. It smells very fishy. Does it matter? Labour is doomed. I suspect Cameron will go for the kill in September.

Anonymous said...

The "story" did come from ex-Mirror hack Rosa Prince and no doubt came via Gordon Brown's personal reporter at the Labourgraph, Andrew Porter