Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So much for listening!

Have to love this little gem. Apparently the Government wants to hear our views and consult about it's Big Brother plans for a national database of all our communications. There is even a link to the consultation on DirectGov.

And where does it take you? Why to a redirect that leads to a "404 Page Not Found" of course!

There are too many ironies in a consultation on communications failing to get the communications right. Maybe they're just afraid of people's view?


Anonymous said...

Uhhh, it.

Paul said...

On a similar note, as a youngster, they apparently wanted to hear my views on the ID card scheme - that is, until I tried to sign up with a Google Mail account, which apparently was not valid.

I sent a complaint e-mail, I'm yet to receive a reply.

Bill said...

Yes, they fixed the link, but it now leads to a page with yet more links to lists of bills being proposed; nowhere do I see a place where visitors can actually make their views known. One is left with the definite impression they really DO NOT WISH to have our views!

Anonymous said...

The link now works, only problem being there is nowhere to leave a comment. All you can do is read the Bill and then shout at your computer in frustration.

If you would like to comment on this Bill, follow the link below.

Unknown said...

With a bit of work it is possible to find where to leave comments. There is then a polite response that comments closed on 6 August!

Jonny Mac said...

Bit like the way the email link on the No. 10 site - - bounces back as undeliverable.

Anonymous said...

Scared of peoples view:

Thats Bob Piper.


Anonymous said...

The consultation period ran from the beginning of May to 6 August. There's a long thread of comments on The Bill will then reappear for consultation around the Queen's speech in December.