Friday, August 01, 2008

NHS says "Ask Willy" about your penis!

Should you be a teenager and want to know about sex then it appears that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, NHS Lanarkshire and NHS Ayrshire and Arran have come up with a solution.

Just ask Jill, or Willy (yes really) and they'll answer questions such as, "How can I tell if my penis is big enough?, or "Does it hurt when a boy puts his penis in you?". Absolute pure gold. A legend website is born!
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Anonymous said...

"I have small tits. Will I ever get a boyfriend?"

"A. No matter what they may say to each other, boys like all kinds and shapes of girls. And boys are interested in your personality, too. Have a look at some of these links for more information."

Hahahhaha I've never heard a Gordon Brown called a "personality" before!


Anonymous said...


"You can protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) by

A: using a condom
B: using an empty crisp packet
C: washing your cock with soap after a shag"

C, definitely

................................. said...

Jill? Shouldn't she be called Vaginia?

Anonymous said...

Niccolo, she should be called Chlamydia, surely?