Friday, August 01, 2008

Miliband brother blinks first?

Ed Miliband must be in a horrible position right now. A close Brown ally, but the brother of the lone assassin that is shouting from the rooftops in political code about how he is ready to lead. So it comes to pass that he's got a puff piece in the Times written by Alice Miles who says in the first paragraph "(I ought probably to admit at this point that [Ed] is a friend of mine)".

The article is billed as being about the "brothers Miliband" but when you read it it becomes clear it is about Ed and is a "Gordon, this is nothing to do with me Guv honest" piece. This is clear as at the end we have a line that says "Ed did not know about the article David wrote for The Guardian this week".

Anyone believe that? Seriously? The article makes much of the Miliband bothers' closeness, and then proceeds to claim that on such a thing they were not talking together?

Call me cynical if you must, but the piece smacks of arse-covering by Ed Miliband in advance of a possible reshuffle that Brown, being Brown, might take to extremes with retribution and punishment which will of course backfire like everything he touches.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that Gordon Brown is spiteful?!


Anonymous said...

Would it be impolite for me to post a link to my picture of "Ernie & Bert"?

Anonymous said...

It is just unbelievable that the Millibands and, for that matter, any of the cabinet can be viewed as replacement for Brown.To me they can aptly be described as nothing but "chancers"
What on earth do sensible Labour MPs -and there are some- think?

.Not to mention the voting public
who must think a la John McInrow "You can`t be serious!"


Trixy said...

Pah, what a traitor that Ed Miliband is, not standing by his brother.

And Alice 'journalist' the right word for what she does?

Lola said...

Blood's thicker than water...

Anonymous said...

Christ, politicians are hateful creatures, aren't they? Acting like a couple of schoolgirls in the national press. He said this, she said that, Gordon doesn't know... They call this a profession now? What a way for grown men to spend their time.

Not a sheep said...

David and Ed Miliband a tough choice as to which is the more slimy and despicable. Take a look at this video and decide for yourself.