Saturday, August 02, 2008

Band leaks album on Internet and blames pirates

How amusing, at a time when lots of people are banging on about online piracy and file sharing up pops a story that highlights how difficult the problem is to resolve. The hard rock band, BuckCherry, discovered the other week that their new album had leaked out online. They put out a statement saying "Honestly, we hate it when this shit happens, because we want our FANS to have any new songs first."

Sounds reasonable until you discover that the album leaked on BitTorrent networks was traced and it turns out the bands manager, Joss Klemme was the person that leaked it. So, how would this sort of thing work in the new world order that is being proposed for Britain I wonder. Is it illegal to share music that the band itself has covertly put out online?


Unknown said...

Well if the band's manager isn't the copyright owner it's as illegal for him to torrent it as anyone else. However if the copyright owner makes it available then it's a different matter.

But I'm sure you know this and are just posting an interesting story.

Anonymous said...

all this talk of cutting off internet usage for "downloading" has actually made me increase my bittorent downloading like crazy over the past few weeks...

do a search for "discography" on piratebay... yeah - those multi gig ones... have grabbed a load of them before its made illegal.

i wouldnt be surprised if theres been a spike in torrent traffic over the past few weeks.