Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sounds familiar!

After, as predicted, a very bust day at work, I have just discovered this on ConservativeHome which notes that Francis Maude went after Labour's Union funding yesterday in the Commons saying,
Last year, we came close to an overall comprehensive agreement that could genuinely have started to repair the public’s trust in politics, and I say to the Justice Secretary that we can still achieve this. However, it would require Labour to accept that dependence on a small number of union bosses has to end. Sadly, it is hard to see that happening when 92 per cent. of Labour’s income comes from the unions, who even now are squaring up to demand their payback in the form of a Warwick agreement mark 2. It is precisely Labour’s dependence on these union bosses and the big donor culture that is preventing us from getting the reform that our politics so desperately needs.
I put it down to someone reading this although probably only after Guido linked to it. Good work on the part of Maude to point out how much hock the Labour Party are in to the Unions though.

Interestingly I am reading Gordon Brown Prime Miniser by Tom Bowden at the moment on the recommendation of Iain Dale (congratulations on getting "married" by the way, I've already said it privately but this is a public wish of good luck). A good recommendation too, it is compulsive reading and the Union stuff is interesting.

I will try to do a more full review after I get back from Spain, or if I manage to finish it whilst there, but thus far the single thought in my head is that whether it was Blair or Campbell that said Brown was "psychologically flawed" their analysis was so on the money that had there been a bookie willing to take the bet they would have won a fortune.

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I put it down to someone reading this: