Thursday, June 05, 2008

The next battleground

Brown's tax rise to influence behaviour on decisions made seven years ago claiming that it is a "green tax"
Brown got slaughtered on this one. He stumbled, didn't answer questions, stuttered ('he says, he say, he says'). His put downs were batted away effectively. Cameron crushed Brown's statistics too.

Quote of the session has to be "it's not my backbenchers telling me to get on my bike".


Anonymous said...

What I found most interesting about that blithering performance was how Brown couldn't look directly at the Tory side, he seems to be mostly addressing the wall behind the speaker.

(also, Michael Martin is rubbish. But we knew that).

Armchair Sceptic said...

Brown isn't much of a goalkeeper for Labour at PMQs. He lets pretty much every strike in.

How Bliar must be laughing at these performances...

Anonymous said...

I note that the cabinet ministers close to Brown (with the exception of Harriet Harpie) no longer behave like nodding dogs when Brown speaks at PMQs, they all look embarrassed to be seen in his company.

Anonymous said...

What's with DC's hair?? Weird middle parting or what?