Thursday, June 12, 2008

Labour Councillor: Let's get "a victim of a terrorist attack" to stand against Davis

Here's an idea Luke. What about Rachel from North London? Or would that perhaps piss on the bonfire of your shameful desire to exploit tragedy for political gain?


Anonymous said...

With stellar 'thinking' like that, it's no wonder Labour are on the way down....

Tory Dipper said...

This Akehurst needs a dose of his own medicine. Team Bruiser is ready for him any day.

Dusanne said...

You have to feel slightly sorry for the likes of Luke. You sit there, waiting for your traditional 'friends' to back you, and then find that nobody (apart from Iain Paisley and his mates) lives in the same alternative reality as yourself. Even those whose support you thought you were buying yourself into like the BNP filth have baulked at backing such extreme measures.

Luke, please learn the meaning of words such as 'extreme' and 'nasty'.

I'm glad to hand the rights to these adjectives on to a party that actually deserves them.

(apologies for posting this reaction to Luke's bile here, but he seems to have switched off comments on his own site for some reason)

Hannibal said...

Luke said:

"I'm fed up with us playing softball with the Tories while they posture and pontificate on this issue. If they want to play liberal they should pay the full political price for it and be eviscerated at the polls for being soft on national security."

And then goes on to wimp out of the whole enterprise by saying they should get an independent to do their dirty work for them.

Well maybe he'll get his way, with the Labour proxy being a Murdoch-funded Kelvin Mackenzie!

When I first read Luke's comments my reaction would have made even the Devil's Kitchen blush -

Anonymous said...

Issues of taste aside for a moment, doesn't it strike him as a problem with his plan that at least two 'victims of terrorism' (Andrew Robathan MP and Patrick Mercer MP, both of whom lost close friends and colleagues to terrorist atrocity during their time in Northern Ireland) actually opposed 42 day detention, on the robustly pragmatic basis that it just doesn't work, and that the 2005 Civil Contingencies Act covered the issue anyway? In other words, 'victims' don't necessarily agree with his point of view?

jailhouselawyer said...

Had it been a seat in the North London area, I think Rachel of North London would have been a good choice.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute fucking scumbag of a cunt.

Anonymous said...

The comments thread chez Luke ishilarious. There is hopeless flailing from the host, there is 'don't you know who I am' from blogdom's most tedious self-publicist and all sorts of other delights. More fun than a b3ta question of the week.

Anonymous said...

His odious comments have prompted me into the blogosphere. Totalitarians in our midst and the road to serfdom.

Anonymous said...

Good point fugitive ink -

There are a number of MPs who have to carry a gun for personal protection - it would interesting to see who they voted for..

David Davis constituency info (just had an email from them)

1) Email address “”
2) Cheques to “H&H CA fighting fund”
3) Address “Haltemprice & Howden Conservatives at 32, Main Street, Willerby, Hull. HU10 6BU”
4) Campaign website will be up on Monday.