Saturday, June 07, 2008

How a girl checks to see if he's cheating on her?

This is apparently a very serious video and genuine R&B artist called Riskay. This song even got a mention in the New York Times.

Disclaimer: It contains naughty words and a novel solution to finding out whether an affair is occurring. If you are easily offended by rude words about rude acts, don't press play. The tune is quite catchy though.

Via b3ta


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for my life. If life is a lottery, I won.
I clean toilets, I am not joking.

Ted Foan said...

Um.. well, yes. Um...What am I supposed to think, Mr Dizzy? This is outside of my experience?

Did something similar happen to you recently? Did you accede to the request? Were you found guilty?

Sorry if I'm being impertinent but these are just thoughts that came into my head as I watched this strange video. Why have you posted it?

dizzy said...

it was a dare by another popular political blogger who called me a "wimp" in email for not posting it. What could I do?

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, Dizzy
Just because someone else dares you to do something ridiculous doesn't mean you have to...
All that will happen now is your nemesis will up the ante and dare you to do something even more ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

A gentleman, of course, would wash it.

Both before and after.

Anonymous said...

Definitely before...! Have you seen the state of those....women..? :D

You are right about the catchyness of the tune though.