Thursday, May 22, 2008

TPA says 'Vote Tory or Lib Dem'

There is an interesting, and highly targeted online advertising campaign going on in Crewe from the TaxPayers Alliance. They have taken adverts out with the local press advocating that the electorate should vote for either the Tories or the Lib Dems as they represent better value and lower taxes. The advert(pictured at the bottom of this post), carries quotes and images of both Cameron and Clegg.

What is interesting in comparison is that the parties have not been quite so georgaphically aware in their online campaign. The Tories have been running adverts on Googles, but most of the people that will have seen them will not even live in the consitutuency and probably live in London.

The parties could learn alot from the TPA about how to push your message online in a highly targeted manner. It's also interesting to see that the TPA is pushing a campaign for tactical voter to cause maximum damage to Brown.

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Anonymous said...

The Leadership of the Lib Lab cons are ALL in the Pockets of the Architects of the EU.

Deliberately trashing our Society to replace it with their own.