Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh what a beautfiul morning!

Should anyone be wondering why I didn't post last night it was because I was a tad drunk in jubilation at the past 36 or so hours and so could not be bothered to go near my keyboard.

It's now Saturday 3rd May and once again it is socially acceptable to be a Tory. Boris Johnson hammered Livingstone on first preferences, and when the second preferences came in made little difference to the hammering.

It is a beautiful morning, the birds are singing and London just seems to have a liberated feeling about it. Very soon we will see the end of posters with the Venezuela flag on it. Now watch Brown and the Government do there best to scupper City Hall doing anything. Wouldn't surprise me if Brown proposed the abolition of the Mayor along with GLA (which a Labour think-tank proposed only last week).


Anonymous said...

140,000 votes! That's a pretty decisive victory all right...

I wonder what 'CiF' columnists (who are having a shit-fit right now) are going to do when they realise that the BNP got a seat in the Assembly?

Not a sheep said...

Has Boris's team got an IT expert who can restore the Mayor's office/GLA Exchange backups dated from before Ken thought he might lose? I think there could well be some interesting emails that have subsequently been deleted.

Anonymous said...

I'm astonished at how few 2nd prefs Ken got.

I was doing the sums as the results came through - Boris ahead, but only 43% to Ken's 37% in the first round. That was just a 6% lead - with 20% of the votes still out there. I really didn't think that was enough lead for Boris to stay ahead after the 2nd prefs.

It seemed a majority of the 2nd prefs went to neither of the two leading candidates; very odd.

Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful morning indeed. there's something different in the air today in the wake of the boris win.

eagerly watching the 24 hours news channels - he's due to be signed in as mayor at 2pm today. (in about an hour or so)