Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not stalkerish behaviour at all

Please note that this post is no longer valid and the contents below have been retracted as a sign of good faith. Why Tim Ireland chose to go to this court case is unknown and whilst some may describe the behaviour as "stalkerish" it does not follow that this makes Tim a "stalker". Tim also did not manically edit Wikipedia.

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Blogging about blogging is so boring I know, but one of my blogging mates was in court today up on a drink driving charge. Guido didn't get sent down, but did lose his license, get put on curfew and other assorted wrist slappings. I can't link to his post because I am blogging via email, but if you go and read there is something interesting in it.

You see, Guido's fan Tim 'I'm Not an Obsessive Stalker' Ireland turned up at court to watch from the Public Gallery. Now doubt of course done in the name of reporting the news and not because he is utterly chicken oriental. No doubt this post will be seen as an attemtp to smear Tim Ireland's good name, or some equally absurd conspiracy will be invented with an essay to accompany on his blog.

Update: As predicted Tim Ireland has now claimed that those who did not blog about Guido going to court were involved in a "conspiracy of silence". Note it's his word conspiracy now, so he can't accuse others of calling him a conspiracy theorist when he himself says that a conspiracy existed.

There is also some of the most ludicorus reasoning I have ever seen displayed. For example we have this juicy piece of idiocy: "If drinking causes problems, then you have a drinking problem. If drinking causes serious problems, then you have a serious drinking problem.". That's a bit like saying "I am holding a pen and there are no bees here. Therefore this pen protects me from bees".

Frankly, a muppet has better reasoning capacity than Tim's latest and rather pathetic jaunt into obsessive posting masquerading as serious argumentation. And no Tim, you won;t be able to post a comment here if you try.

UPDATE 10/03/2010:

Tim has had a hissy fit about a comment below that references Wikipedia because he's being hassled by a group of teenage girls online. There is another post somewhere on this site where I retracted the point about wikipedia edits in specific relation to Iain Dale et al.

I can't find the link now but Tim is a fucktard who thinks that because three words or so exist on the Internet about him buried in an obscure post on a website their removal will stop him being hassled for being a cock.

That Tim's behaviour towards some people is viewed in a negative light is not something that Tim notices so, to keep the whiny little cock happy, I am fully retracting that Tim "maniacally edits wikipeda" and instead wish to replace it with the following.

Tim creates websites about people he doesn't like politically and goes after them in a way on his blog and by other means which has resulted in him being perceived by some as mildly obsessive and possibly stalkerish. Whether he actually is either of these things is purely a matter of personal opinion.

Tim feels that my comment, because others have repeated it, is putting him at risk and wants it retracted here not just where it was retracted before. Previously this was not necessary and the original retraction was enough, but events which have seen teenage girls say nasty things to him have made him, as one might say, "have an eppy", so I am more than happy to retract it here too as I have done so elsewhere before.

I do, of course, have no expectation that Tim will remove the malicious insinuations, and implied mistruths/lies formed by intellectually deficient leaps of logic about me which appear on his site relating to things like me calling his house and talking to his wife, and that I illegally "blagged" his phone number.

N.B. This update is of course not enough for Tim, because, unsurprisingly, it;s all too late. As I say, it wasn't a problem before when it was retracted elsewhere, but when it became a problem again it was a bloody outrage.

P.S. Tim has now taken issue with the reference to "civilians" in the comment below. This is because Tim, when getting his teeth into something is like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier with lock jaw and about as intelligent. Thus he moves his rantings on. Of course, whatever happens it will still be "too late" and thus here endeth the lesson for today.