Friday, May 16, 2008

No suprise but....

According to the Politics Home opinion tracker (provided by YouGov), the economy has now overtaken the environment as the number one issue of concern to people. Global warming and the environment in general has taken a massive dip as people react to the politically infamous "pound in their pocket".


James Ink said...

Hasn't it taken over immigration and race relations as the no.1 priority? Climate change is now the 5th most important over taken by inflation which is now 4th.

Or am I reading it wrong?

Anonymous said...

James, that's how it looks to me too (actually from the little graph, climate change - the red one - is now 6th).

In fact (unless I'm colourblind) not only is "the economy in general" a higher priority than the environment, but so is "the level of taxation" and even "inflation".

Mr Potarto said...

It's almost as if people who aren't journalists don't think the environment is a priority at all!

Anonymous said...

It looks like that way to me too James with these as the major worries of the public

1. State of the economy
2. Immigration/race relation
3. Level of taxation
4. Law & order
5. Inflation
6. Climate change.

Now combine economy+inflation; they show a growing lead throughout the period of this chart and the line would be off the % scale.

I expect that we are misunderstanding it though because we are thick.

Kathleen Tattersall chairman ( ? ) of Ofqual said of people who expect exams to to give pupils the right marks.
" These are complex issues and there is a simplistic expectation on the part of the public "

See, we are 'simple' for requiring exams to get it right.

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