Monday, May 12, 2008

Most hilarious comment of the day (so far)

Was in conversation with a mate this morning who happens to be a Labour member, activist etc. He's been out of the country for the last twow eeks and the subject of Crew and Nantwich came up. I noted that it was looking likely that Labour would lose it and he said,
"If we do it will be to the Lib Dems, you're coming third... the Crewe by election is between Labour and the Lib Dems"
Certainly made me giggle. I expect to see a graph with "it's a two horse race" shortly.


Anonymous said...

Oh please. Which dreamland is he living in?

Anonymous said...

Driving through both Crewe and Nantwich yesterday I'd say the number of placards for the Tories to LD and Lab combined was 2:1. Not the most reliable indicator admittedly, but probably more accurate than your mate's thoughts.

Dark_Heretic said...

Cloud cuckoo land
Dream on
What planet are you from?
Wake up and smell the humous
Get a grip

Are all comments that you should be saying to him or just roll around on the floor struggling for breath in between laughing fits.

Armchair Sceptic said...

The way it's going, Labour will be lucky not to come third, if most of the core Labour voters stay at home!

John Pickworth said...

From one of Tamsin Dunwoody's campaign videos:

A woman voter being canvassed in the high street says... "Well, I think Labour have done a lot of good things while they've been in power which, tend to have been lost." she continues "I think that the employment has gone up with Labour and there's been more awareness of a lot of things. That's why I think people should give Tamsin a chance."

Ermmm, no offense to this lady but is that the best ringing endorsement that Labour can find in the constituency? Not looking good is it?

Anonymous said...

Blair moved Labour away from its tribe, and made it appeal to everyone. But Labour is still labour and it tax and spent us to oblivion. Dave is trying to / has actually moved the Tories from its Tribe and is making it appeal to everyone. The votes for him will come from those who now think Labour has proved useless fiscally and operationally. In other words politics might just might have moved from tribalism to 'is this lot capable of running the country sensibly - ism'. If so then a Tory win in C & N is entirely reasonable.

The Big Q will be are the Tories capable of RTCS or will they in time revert to rightyness as Zanulabour has reverted to leftyness?

John M Ward said...

You will I think be interested in THIS regarding those false vote share charts...