Friday, May 02, 2008

Lib Dems falling apart in parts?

I mentioned earlier that the Lib Dems were not having fun in South-East London, well I've just heard that in some parts they are seriously worried because they're barely holding on to third place.

I've also just had a conversation with someone else which follows neatly on from my last post about why the count wasn't started until this morning. They said that it is now becoming painfully slow in the count centre.

Whether that means they just don't have enough machines, or because there are too many ballots that cannot be electronically read I don't know. There does though seem to have been some sort of breakdown in the counting systems as we should really have been getting some hard results by now.

The person I spoke to said that if he gets out of there by midnight he will be very surprised.


Anonymous said...

A commentator on BBC News 24 said in the past hour that the counting machines were having problems as a lot of ballot papers were folded.

I guess the folds may have been excessive and the creases upset them?

To misquote British Rail, "the wrong sort of folds on the paper"

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. Have they learned nothing from last year's Scottish elections? And would we be at all surprised at that?