Friday, May 16, 2008

In a deep hole with a Cottager?

It's well known that Stephen Pound MP is a Fulham FC fan (OK, stop laughing now), but he's shown just how much of a Cottager he is by tabling the following motion in Parliament.
That this House recognises the extraordinary achievement of Fulham Football Club in securing Premier League football for next season; and salutes manager Roy Hodgson and owner Mohamed Al Fayed while noting that survival and success can be achieved despite a near universal opinion to the contrary.
Now, putting aside how he is yet again up the arse of Fayed, it's one of the signatures on it that amused most. You see, it's Alan Meale, the Labour MP for Mansfield. Mansfield Town FC managed to get themselves relegated this season out fo the Football League.

What sort of message is Mr Meale trying to send to the football team that represents his consitutuency? Not very supportive is it when you place Mansfield's performance in context with the motion?

Of course, Mansfield is an old mining town I believe, which means they're used to being in deep holes. The question is whether Alan Meale is used to being inside a deep hole with a Cottager like Stephen Pound. Of course, the motion might really be about Brown, "noting that survival and success can be achieved despite a near universal opinion to the contrary", the problem is "Brown" just leads the way to even more innuedos (that's enough Ed!)


Anonymous said...

I know nothing of football, so I can't comment.

But I'm struck once again, looking at the image you've used for this post, by how apt is the saying 'Politics is showbiz for ugly people'...

Anonymous said...

and your point is, Dizzy?

dizzy said...

To make cheap innuendos about the nick name of Fulham football club which it shares in common with the act of manlove in public lavatories? Would you like me to draw you a diagram or find some pictures on Google to explain?

Ted Foan said...

OK, Mr Dizzy, it's Friday and you might be getting less rigorous as you coast into the weekend but you missed the obvious link in the Pound metaphor to the fact that Fulham play at Craven Cottage.

Remember the theme from High Noon? "'ll lie a coward, a craven coward, lying in your grave..."

I thank you...I'll get my coat.