Monday, May 19, 2008

The Dunwoody Action Plan to slate the Government (and Mum)?

I've just been having a little peak at Tamsin Dunwoody's "action plan" should she get elected in the Crew and Natwich by-election and she seems to be, dare I say, inadvertantly denouncing her mother's tenure as the MP for the seat for the past few decades. Apparently she will,
• Take back our streets from yobs and underage drinking. admission of her mothers and Government failure?
• Restore pride in our town. For too long the Tory Council has dragged its feet, we need to sort out the town centre. do we really believe that if her mother was alive today she'd not be bigging up her achievement in restoring pride to the town?
• Fight for a fair deal for local families with well paid, skilled jobs, and training opportunities. ergo local families are not well paid, don;t have skilled jobs and have limited training opportunities? If that is a description of a decade of Labour success then I don't know what would be a condemnation.
• Campaign for a sensible approach to immigration that takes account of genuine concerns. make all the bloody foreigners and poles carry ID cards? Pass the dog whistle please.
Is she really "a Dunwoody after all"?


Anonymous said...

If a party has been in power for 11 years, them pointing to problems with drunken juveniles that weren't significant 11 years ago and saying that the other lot are useless at solving them, is a bit flat. OK, a Labour government but a Tory council, but that brings up other questions such as, what's she going to do that dear old momsy didn't, and is C&N peculiar in suffering these problems?

What's wrong with the town centre, what form is the sorting out going to take and at what cost?

Fighting for fairness is always sounds good. How is the present arrangement unfair and how are these exciting opportunities going to be created? Manufacturing, software, services, harbouring a government office there, other possibilities undreamt of? Encourage another Micro$oft to start there and you might not have many victims to fight for fairness for.

All those Poles are EU citizens and have a perfect right to be there, and are there that many non-EU citizens in C&N? Distinguish between genuine concerns and false concerns and give examples of each. Explain a sensible approach to immigration and explain how that differs from the current approach, which is presumably not sensible or no change would be needed. Has this line been checked with senior management? What are your thoughts on the EU which has brought all these nasty Poles into the picture?

British jobs for British workers; that one came from GB.

Foreigners being singled out.

Vague and hypocritical hatred whipped up against 'toffs'.

Whatever next?

The Labour Party your grandparents voted for.

TDK's the right candidate for the wrong party.

'Is she really "a Dunwoody after all"?'

You know, all families have their black sheep and disappointments, and probing into family history can turn out to be a pursuit for those with strong stomachs only.

dreamingspire said...

Looking at the Crewe & Nantwich page on Tamsin's web site, it seems as if that corner of Cheshire is forever England while at the same time up to date. Its the best place in the world!
This lady has been in politics, albeit Welsh politics, for years, and ought to know better. Vote for the nasty party seems to be her motto, I'm going to interfere everywhere.

John Pickworth said...

I guarantee that should Lady Dunwoodiness be elected she'll high-tail it off to that London even before the count is completed.

Once ensconced in her plush MPs office she'll bully herself into a better paying Government role (the Junior Minister for Granny Bashing perhaps?) and the poor people of Crewe won't hear of her again until two weeks before the next General Election. Where upon she'll campaign for a fair deal for hard working families and to rid the streets of drunken yobs. No doubt she'll also have a few words to say about the ex-council house scumbag that the Tories have put up against her... I mean, how could such a low-life connect with the aspirations of the people of Crewe and Nantwich?

I'm sorry, but Tamsin Whatsherface has fraud written all over her. I can't believe anyone in their right mind would vote for her or her shoddy campaign... but I'm certain that a few will.

Anonymous said...

'Is she really "a Dunwoody after all"?'

No she's a 'Dunwoody-Kneafsy', well she was until very recently.

Anonymous said...


I'm amazed the dead tree press hasn't picked up on that fact. Yes she divorced in 2005, but she is still listed as Dunwoody-Kneafsy on the 2008 electoral roll.

Anonymous said...

Also, where does she get off saying it's a Tory council? It's NOC - the Tories are the biggest group by about 3 councillors, but it's very much NOC.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was "just a single, unemployed mother of five fighting hard for a job". Isn't she going to be a bit pushed for time - what with working miracles, commuting between C&N, London and Wales, and bringing up her 5 children?