Saturday, April 26, 2008

What will Lord Levy say about Brown?

The Daily Mail is reporting that the serialisation of Lord Levy's autobiography will kick off another bad week for Brown as it "detail some of the most brutal exchanges" between the Prime Minister and his predecessor, Tony Blair.

Whether it is anywhere as brutal and candid as the Mail is bigging up remains to be seen. After all, it's in their interests to try and boost the sales of the Sunday. Having said this I may just buy the Mail on Sunday for the first time in years just to have a peak.


Anonymous said...

..and a few others will buy a copy as well. I bet nothing new is said; the book will be mainly about defence of the "cash for honours affair" It does not matter. Brown is finished. Although I will be very surprised if the local elections are that bad a Labour is starting from a very low base.

Anonymous said...

Anything that can add to Brown`s disconfort is to be welcomed. Here is a man whose ego, hypocrisy and predication to telling porkies is unrivalled.

IF he is a smart as Jowett suggests,and using her storm metaphor-a ships master monitors weather information and takes necessary action to avoid storms.

Brown blythely(sic) ignores information and just makes everything uncomfortable for all.

I hope you enjoy the Mail on Sunday and that next week`s election results are such you buy that edition as well.

As a Guardian writer today suggests -if the results are bad he contemplates `fleeing to Scotland` Good -I hope he does and is not alone


Anonymous said...

i wonder how sales will compare between"courage" by that odd fellow who impersonates a prime minister and Levey`s tome.
I shan't buy either after Blunketts rant bored me into a coma.

Alex said...

I am surprised that there is any interest in Levy now that Blair has gone. He might dish some dirt on Brown, but is it likely yo be anything that we don't know (or suspect) already?