Saturday, April 12, 2008

Taxpayer funds Labour election campaign?

Shane Greer has spotted something on the Downing Street website over here. It would appear that Downing Street is now directing traffic to the Labour Party's official local election campaign website.

Where you get sent.

Yay for the impartiality of the Civil Service! Is it me or is Brown truly Mr Bean stumbling from one gaffe into another? I was under the impression he had recruited PR Gurus. More like complete idiots who have no control over what is happening.

From a blogging point of view Brown is marvelous. After all, his team of taxpayer paid gurus just seem to be creating stories left, right and centre (yes that was a deliberate joke about his indecisiveness).

Roll on 2010 I say!


Anonymous said...

It further contradicts itself - the intro text says "Here you will find a selection of *non-political* speeches, ..."

before linking the user to, erm, political speeches.

Anonymous said...

Not Mr Bean but Mr Blobby:
Yellow with pink spots
Speaks in meaningless repetitive phrases
Well meaning attempts to help result in chaos

also portly and plastic