Friday, April 04, 2008

Some more on that Tube insanity

There is some more info now about my warm evening underground from the Daily Mail. Some blogger who's real name is Phil Hendren is quoted as saying
"Our train stopped 500 yards from the station. But we were in the carriages for over two hours before we were led out. It was boiling. The driver kept us updated at first, but then the PA system broke down.

"The Transport for London staff who came to lead us out headed the wrong way up the tracks. That's why it took so long. They didn't even know where the hell we were."
Word reaches me that this quote may have been edited somewhat as the original comments had the words "fuck" and "fucking" evenly distributed throughout.


Old BE said...

The BBC site has a garbled story about your train which according to them had only 200 people on it but then a quote from a woman who was stranded near Green Park. Were there perhaps several stranded trains?

What a shower.

dizzy said...

That BBC figure is complete bollocks. The train was packed and officially they can fit 2000 on them - I asked this morning - we were told that the estiomate of passengers on our train was 800 and when I finally got out the buses were heaving.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

That Phil Hendren - such a potty mouthed scoundrel!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when you quote Phil 'Fucking' Hendren?

Anonymous said...

According to today's Mail there were 5000 people trapped in tunnels - they were on NINE trains!

Anonymous said...

hey man i was on one of those trains & we were stuck in the tunnel for nearly 2 hours and the driver had to keep running back and forward between the train & canada water to find out what was going on.

he was panting a lot. we were a bit short of air ourselves

pretty disgraceful.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Dizzy! Sounds to me like "Phil Hendren" might have used Dave's open source to nick your ID - or maybe those still-missing Child Support CDs gave him the necessary info.

Thank goodness your regular readers know you would never ever swear.

PS - Have you got a Back Boris oyster card holder?

scotch said...

Way to out yourself, Phil. Perhaps you'll publish your personal phone number next. ;-)