Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Parliamentary Tea Room Tax

I don't always agree with Nadine Dorries, on matters like abortion I am more pragmatic than emotional, although I do fully understand the moral and emotional attachment people place on that issue the world. Having said that, she hit the nail on the head here with a tale about staff in Parliamentary tea rooms who have just received their payslips since the scrapping of the 10p tax rate was introduced.

It really does express the problem for Brown brilliantly, because, for all the talk about how people are "better off" because of changes to tax credits, it is actually the figure in your pay packet that you look at as the bottom line of how you are doing. When you hit that, and you hit it in a way that means your visible tax bill doubles, you're on shaky ground defending yourself by saying that people can get it back if they just fill out a huge form and trust the Government to give it to them.
Hat Tip: Iain Dale

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dreamingspire said...

A contrite Brown admitted his mistakes today. Can you blog about that, please?