Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Musical snobbery at its best?

Why is it that when Noel Gallagher complains that hip-hop has been booked to headline Glastonbury it is somehow big news? Gallagher of Oasis fame has apparently said that it is 'wrong' to go for hip-hop over 'traditional guitar music'.

This from the man that nicked most of hi best riffs from the Beatles? So much for tradition I say. The thing is, Glastonbury has not always had guitar music headlinging anyway. The Prodigy are not a guitar band for a start and they have headlined a night for a start. Glastonbury is music festival, it is not 'only certain type of music' festival and that is the whole point.

Cypress Hill have played at Glastonbury if I recall correctly, does Gallagher have a problem with that or is a band that has tracks like 'Hits From The Bong' and 'I want to get High' ok because they're singing about smoking pot?

There is little more irritating than musical snobbery, and when it comes from someone who has made his fortune from essentially mimicing just one band's sound and style it makes it all more amusing.


Bob said...

I think his point is not that he is playing, just that he is headlining.

Is it an inspired choice? I dont think so, rap plays well in smaller arenas and on special sets.

This will be in a big field and will fall flat on its ass.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that rap is absolute complete crap, Ok that's my opinion, but it truly is.

I don't see the general festival going crowd going for this. Remember 50 Cent at Reading? he got bottled off stage!

dizzy said...

Reading is a whole different ballgame to Glastonbury I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

As a guitar player and a Kraftwerk/Aphex Twin/Autechre etc fan I think Noel is talking bollocks.
It seems a very reactionary thing for him to say and I'm a Conservative (i.e. a big T Tory).

Anonymous said...

No I'd say it is a fact. Rap is crap. People should know better.

Anonymous said...

The reason this is getting so much attention has everything to do with the demographic profile of the people who select and edit our 'news', i.e. they are old 30-somethings and young 40-somethings who have been to Glastonbury, who recognise Gallagher and perhaps own an Oasis CD or two, who like to pretend that they are still in touch with yoof culture but in fact are quite vague on who Jay-Z is, would struggle to identify half a dozen recent chart-toppers and won't get to Glastonbury any time soon no matter who's headlining, both because they can't get babysitting sorted out and because, well, they can't quite be bothered (but want a better excuse).

Anonymous said...

He's probably worried about things getting nicked from tents.

Although if they booked Q Boy I'd be in the front row :¬)

Anonymous said...

i have to admit that a lot of hip hop is utter rubbish.

but Orbital headlining Glasto was utterly sublime and not a guitar in sight.