Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Galloway attacked on campaign tour?

Word reaches me that George Galloway's campaign bus has today come under attack in Holborn by members of the public throwing things at him. Apparently one person who was on the bus at the time was injured and treated by paramedics.

Frankly, throwing things at George Galloway ought to be an Olympic sport really. Shame what appears to be a civilian got in the crossfire of course, perhaps maybe next time someone might get a direct hit on the aging old Trotskyite apologist for dictators?


Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, Dizzy, can I have a throw. He is my MP after all. I promise I won’t miss. However, it might be a bit messy after I’ve got my hands on the bastard.

Caroline Hunt said...

Last weekend I was walking down the street with my brother. We were both catastrophically hungover so our brains were functioning at a pretty slow speed. As we were walking toward the tube station I saw some balloons on the other side of the street in the distance. I asked my brother "What's up with those balloons?", he replied "What balloons?" because not only was he hungover but he is also very short sighted. Anyway as we got closer we realised they were Respect party balloons. On even closer inspection I suddenly realised that it was George Galloway. We continued walking in the opposite direction and it was too late when I realised I should have shouted "Will you be the cat?" - I've been regretting it ever since. I fully recommend anyone seeing George Galloway in the street to bait him as you will feel cheated and sad if you miss the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

No, the stress ball hit gorgeous Georgina smack bang on the temple and knocked him over according to the Beeb.

Give that man a medal! - the other guy not George.

Bill Quango MP said...

The Holborn Times reports..

As members of the public threw items at Mr Galloway's campaign bus a stress ball hit Mr Galloway on the left side of his head causing his ear to twitch.
Mr Galloway pawed and chased the ball around the floor of the bus causing some members of his team to raise their legs as he skittered under the seats beneath them. Finally the ball fell out of the driver's door and Mr Galloway chased after it along High Holborn before darting along a wall, across a window ledge and down the branches of a tree finally settling quietly under a parked car. The stress ball has yet to be recovered.