Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A conversation via SMS with Nadine Dorries MP

As many will know I am a mad Evertonian. Nadine Dorries MP, who's grandfather was a founder of Everton however is not. She is a supporter of Liverpool for some bizarre reason.

Only the other week I expressed my regret that Arsenal didn't beat them and hoped that the blue of Chelsea would overcome the red terror from Anfield. And so it comes to pass this morning that I sent a txt message to Nadine.
Dizzy: Ticket for the match, £40. Train ticket to Liverpool, £20. Seeing Riise score an own goal in front of the Kop with 5 seconds to go during "You'll Never Walk Alone"? Priceless!! - I always knew blue was better than red, that's why I vote Tory! ;-)

Nadine: I will reply when I have composed myself.
Nadine insists that the scallies are still in the game and they'll rip Chelsea apart at Stamford Bridge. Let's wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

mad Evertonian

Anonymous said...

Tuff, matee, but the Gunners would have beaten them but for some dodgy refereeing and the visit shortly before the match by Jonah to the Emirates stadium.

Anonymous said...

So remind us - just how many European Cup (in whatever guise) semi-finals or finals have Everton reached? And how many have they won?

Can't deny the Jonah comment, though - on any other two nights Arsenal would probably have ripped us to shreds, scorewise. That's European football, though, and that's why Liverpool are so good at it.

BTW, I do not let my political affiliations dictate the colour of shirt the team I support have to wear. Otherwise I'd never drink red wine, or wear a red tie with a grey suit!

Andy said...

Big match on Sunday Dizzy.

Free scoring Villans comin' atcha.

Anonymous said...


I'm with Micheal Howard on this, and a few other, matters.

Anonymous said...


Might I remind you that Everton were not able to compete in the European Cup because of the actions of Liverpool fans at Heysel in 1985.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0.26 am:

So what's stopped Everton competing at this level for the past 23 years then?

Other than being the third best team on Merseyside (after Liverpool FC reserves.)

Anonymous said...

Kop-ite is right - what stopped Everton winning the league as many times as, say, Liverpool, and then winning the European Cup (indeed, doing a cup and league double - one of the most difficult to achieve)? Oh, yeah - they're not that good.

As for Heysel - the two things that stick in my mind were the outrageous provocations that the Juve fans got away with, and the essential uselessness of the security arrangements and police.

Anonymous said...

"That's European football, though, and that's why Liverpool are so good at it."

Why are Liverpool supposedly better against Premier opposition in European matches than they are in domestic ones? Is it the floodlights?

Anonymous said...

Anon 16.11

Style of refereeing, I think - you see the same in rugby internationals when they're refereed by southern hemisphere referees. Liverpool seem to be able to adapt to it better than some other domestic teams.

Anyway, my basic quibble with Dizzy (apart from him being an Evertonian!) is that being blue politically means you have to support a blue football team - in which case I'd have to support a team about to be relegatd (probably), just because it plays in blue and is where I live.