Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brown says he's not been 'pushed about'

I have just watched Gordon brown's interview with Nick Robinson this evening. I am left wondering a few things. Firstly, how long is it going to take before everyone starts to get really pissed off with the phrase "long term decisions"? Has anyone noticed that it is rolled out constantly? This couldn't be because Brown and his handlers are depsrate to destroy a belief that in the end he is a short term Machiavellian tactictian?

Secondly, Nick Robinson really should have pushed harder on the incosnistencies in his recent interviews. I watched one of them last week and Brown was adamentm, and also hotly denied that there were losers from the 10p tax rate abolition. In his interview tonight he has decided that there are, but the concessions he has made are not, according to him a change in position.

He has also thrown the gauntlet down over the 42 day detention without trial issue. Having caved in once and blinked first in a showdown with his backbenches he's now pushed himself into a deeper corner where if he does sound tough his authority will weaken even more. The Labour rebels on 42 days must be rubbing their hands with glee knowing that they can push him around so easily even he hotly denies that he's been pushed.


Anonymous said...

"...long-term decisions" is the latest in a long line of stock phrases Broon will answer questions with when he doesn't actually have an answer.

When he first got in, it was "... aspirations of the British people."

Since then we have had:

"...challenges facing Britain today."
"...continue getting on with the job."
"...continue to make the right decisions for the country."

And probably quite a few others.

Bill Quango MP said...

I never changed my position. I always said I wouldn't go back on abolishing the 10p tax rate and I haven't.Therefore my position is unchanged...

I never promised a referendum on the lisbon treaty i promised it on another entirely unrelated document that no longer exists. I haven't changed my position at all.

I never backed down on adding a further 2p tax to fuel..I merely delayed the implementation date for 6 months which is exactly the same thing. I have not changed my position.

i never intended to call an election and the polls I never read had no bearing on me to continue with my firm conviction to not hold an election

I said I would not consider nationalising northern rock and I never did. NR was merely taken into temporary public ownership for a short period of time.

I said that the age of spin was over and I have stuck by that by being toally honest and utterly truthful in every word, gesture and deed I make..there is no spin.

Nick robinson.. please try harder

Anonymous said...

Expect a similar divide and pass move on 42 days.

Look out for more ian blair "100 terror plots foiled" type comments.

If its still looks shakey, the rolling news channels might get a 'terror' raid to go to town real night time explosions in unoccupied cars in cenral london streets this time, but you never know....

dreamingspire said...

As Frank Field has this morning said, the Commons has taken charge of resolving this tax fiasco. This is exceedingly important: the bullying from the top stopped a year ago, and we are getting back to parliamentary democracy. But it will be painful for some.

Anonymous said...

But he is taking all the long term decisions - all that profligate spending will ensure that it takes years for Cameron to put the situation right again!

Anonymous said...

The big difference with 42 days is that there is no room for negotiation - it is as black and white as it gets, you either support it or you don't.

Come on you Labour rebels. Have some spine this time.

Anonymous said...

That is why.......and that is why.......and that is why.......and that is why.......and that is why.......and that is (continue ad lib, getting hoarser)

Anonymous said...

Sky are reporting that he has put off the 42 days vote until June.

Perhaps he knows of a 'convenient' Terror plot on its way?

Unsworth said...

Dizzy, you have to look at exactly what Brown is saying about the 10p tax 'concession'. The reality is that he's offering nothing at all, short of 'looking at' the situation. Well, we can all do that, eh? Run your eye over the Hansard report if you want to see a fine application of dissimulation.

As to the 42 days detention malarkey. If the 'rebels' perform as well as they have over the tax business I fully expect it to be extended to somewhere in the region of 96 days.

Is mandatory 'bottling' written into the NuLab Rule Book or something? Don't get me wrong, there are a very few NuLabs who seem to make sensible noises, but most of them are lobby fodder - and Brown knows that absolutely.

Bill Quango MP said...

If the 'rebels' perform as well as they have over the tax business I fully expect it to be extended to somewhere in the region of 96 days.

Very good..

Anonymous said...


I hope you get the chance to see-Yvette Cooper being interviewed (?)
by Paxo.
If Brown seriously wants the public to believe Cooper is capable of undertaking a senior Treasury Minister role her performance more than suggests he has lost the plot. On this viewing she is unfit for any public office


Anonymous said...

So if Brown met Field and they agreed to a taxation deal, what is point of Alistair Darling being the chancellor?

If Cooper does not know what the deal was, giving Paxman duff info on Newsnight and, Field had to go on the TV and radio the next day to correct her. What is the point of her working at the treasury?

Seems to me Brown still thinks he is the Chancellor and is riding roughshod over his replacement. This could all end in tears.