Friday, March 14, 2008

The voiceless phone call

Seriously wow!


Ben Bow said...

How long before a Government legislates that every person wears such a collar so that all thoughts are monitored? This is the hidden agenda. This is grotesque if used for Thought Control!

Nevo said...

Neat. And having captured the data in English, no doubt they will develop a language translation step.
Think in English - Speak in French, for example.
Could be useful in EU debates?

Not a sheep said...

Could be rather good for Stephen Hawking as well, although the vocab limits might be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Also good for people lying in hospital bed unable to speak who would be able to transmit thoughts/problems to family/medical staff. But I agree I do not like the dark implications of the misuse of this technology.

Anonymous said...

Technology will free us all!

saw this rather marvellous "concept animation" from Nokia on using nanotechnology in mobile phones; if it becomes a reality - and the science is fast catching up - it will revolutionise how we think about these devices and what they can do for our lives: