Monday, March 31, 2008

Ten Nazi Children

This is worth reading by The Fink. Inspired preumsably by Max Mosley's (Oswald's son) recent problem being caught in some Nazi-style S&M, it chronicles what the lives of ten children related to prominent Nazis. Here's a snippet,
Paddy Hitler: Adolf Hitler did not have a son, but he did have a nephew, Paddy. Paddy, the son of Hitler's brother Alois, lived in Liverpool as a young boy. In 1933 he moved to Germany, trying to be a car salesman and cash in on his family name. Things didn't work out and he moved to the US, denouncing his Uncle and serving in the US Navy in the war. Finally he settled in Long Island where he had three sons, including Brian Hitler. I am not making this up.
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Anonymous said...

Poor Max came from a family used to getting all of the flak.

Unfortunately it's time to get out of the driving seat!

Anonymous said...

Question is, When the twenty-something aspirant artist, Adolf visiting his brother Alois (and his wife Bridget) in Liverpool (yes it did happen sometime about 1911-1912), did he go to Anfield or Goodison?

Bill Haydon said...

and how come Patrick Hitler didn't change his name? Would've been sensible.