Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pity poor Lord Rooker for he is mad!

Should you need evidence that members of the Government are somewhat out of touch with the electorate but also reality then you only have to look to the House of Lords where yesterday, the former MP and Labour peer, Lord Rooker (Minister at DEFRA) said,
I have found that I cannot get Malvern sparkling or Badoit out of the tap.
You can almost picture him walking to every bloody sink he can find and asking why there is no label for the Malvern and asking which one the Chablis comes out of.
Hat Tip: Croydonian for showing me the quote that I could take out of context for fun.


Anonymous said...

I think irony may be lost on you!

dizzy said...

Not at all, I just like taking the piss

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Socialists when taken from their native heath become champagne socialists (has he ever had a proper job?), much as the generous taxpayer trough has fed these many undeserving snouts:- you can take the girl out of Hull but not Hull out of the girl - as 'Lord' Rooker demonstrates eveytime he opens his (usually silly) ministerial mouth

Anonymous said...

But if you live near Malvern you can get it (free!) from a spelt!

Unsworth said...

Dizzy, if you're living in London you're drinking the piss, too - after all it's been through the 'recovery and filtration' system at least seven times, I'm told.