Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Cambridge graduate who will be a suspect for life to some people?

This morning Daily Mail is asking why a Cambridge graduate ended up in court fo sexual assault after a drunken night of fumbling with a girl. Apparently the Jury took only a couple of hours to acquit him. What I noticed when I read the story in the paper the other day was that the defendant had his picture and name splashed across the papers whilst the "victim" could not be named for legal reasons.

Sex offenders are, undoubtedly, the scum of the earth, but surely we should only be naming them and putting them in the papers when they've actually been convicted of something given how society generally repulses at them?

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Anonymous said...

I wonder when modern youth of either sex will realise that getting utterly pissed and then allowing yourself to fumble or be fumbled with is GOING TO LEAD TO TROUBLE.

Like ending up in court, rather than up the duff.