Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call the BNP Hotline?

You've got to love the irony of using a premium rate number (£1 per minute) by the party that claims it cares about the white working class. Like ITV and the BBC you'll never get through I bet, and if you do you'll get lots of expensive nonsense about evil people polluting the white purity.

Stupid bloody white power socialists.
Hat Tip: Her Trixyness


Anonymous said...

Speaks for, not speaks to, Dizzy...

dizzy said...

Have rewritten it now anyone. It was typed fast and brain is mushy today.

Mostly Ordinary said...

I rang it and got through to call centre in India.

Anonymous said...

A Nazi Hotline:

Caller: 'Help! I want to invade Poland but I think I might end up killing myself and my bride'

Hotline: 'Sir, you haven't shouted a racist rant yet. Do you realise how much this call costs?'

Anonymous said...

So, what happens if you call their donation line? If you gonna blog about it, at least tell us, or do we have to call the damn line ourselves in order to do your research for you? ;-P

And what is so special about a premium line -- it's one way of collecting donations.

I don't have a problem with that at all -- if you don't like their policies, why not discuss those instead of fussing over their (non-offensive) begging

You Brits really are weird -- the BNP has a totally ridiculous manifesto (self sufficiency in garment sewing anyone?) but you act as if they are an issue that needs to be feared in some way.

Even if the BNP would enter parliament in a land slide (which is logistically impossible) it would not matter as the British goose has been cooked by the EU, your parliament is nothing but an inconsequential Punch and Judy show now.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the premium line, but not when you pooh-pooh concerns about ethnic displacement.

The BNP are right: the indigenous peoples of Britain have a right to control their homeland as such. If you won't allow them to say 'This land is OURS', you license imperialism, and de-criminalise ethnocide.