Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ashamed of myself but......

I am ashamed, no really I am, but tonight I am going to watch something that I have not watched for years. Tonight you see is Wrestlemania XXIV. Do not fear though, I know it's fake OK, that's why I watch it. I used to buy a magazine called Powerslam which detailed all the internal politics of the business, as well as exploring the story lines that were being played out in the great (allegedly) homo-erotic soap opera.

Thing is, and I imagine some will say this is nonsense, but being a professional wrestler in something like WWE is not easy OK. Louis Thoureux discovered it when he spent time with WCW (later bought buy by WWF before they changed the name after the Wildlife Fund sued them). Most of them work every night of the week on house tours, with Christmas Day being their only day off.

To be blunt, you don't throw yourself around a ring, jump on to prepared tables that will break, and all the other nutty acrobatics and not be a serious athlete. Just because the result of the match is decided in advance it doesn't change the fact that your bosses say to you "you are going to go out there throw your body around for the next 35 minutes constantly until the ref gives the single to take the fall".

It's "sports entertainment" at the end of the day, but you still wouldn't like to square up to one of them in a pub. Sure they don't really hit each, and sometimes they carry a little razor in their shorts in order to create a bit of blood and drama (Mick Foley), but allowing yourself to be thrown through a cage onto a ring that is 15 foot below takes balls... and talent.

Please forgive me for my digression into pointless entertainment.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Still doesn't compare being taken by my grandad on several occasions to watch Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks.

Anonymous said...

"they carry a little razor in their shorts in order to create a bit of blood and drama"

Oh, the drama if things went wrong with a bodyslam.... maybe they ought to make it a cutthroat.. that would liven things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, wrestling is skillful clean, honourable good fun.

It's still highly competetive, if you understand then kind of friendly competition that is going on(and don't need brutality to get you interested); besides that, speaking as a lady (or so), the half-nekkid gorgeous wrestling gods are just soooo delicious =)


Anonymous said...

dont worry Dizz, those big girls control pants make them seem strangely sexless. Or perhaps its a side effect of the steroids.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid watching wrestling on telly at my grandad's house. He really hated Mick McManus, so to wind him up me and my dad would cheer for Mick.

Then came WWF with all the American razzamatazz at which they are so very adept - pure entertainment. Ultimate Warrior was my favourite.

What is scary though is the audience who seem to think it is "real".