Monday, February 18, 2008

Leslie withdraws from Hull East to avoid humiliation?

Over on LabourHome there is a post suggesting that Chris Leslie has now pulled out of the race to succeed John Prescott as the Labour candidate for Hull East. What is not mentioned on the post is that the selection shortlist meeting is apparently this weekend and it was very likely that Leslie would not have even made the shortlist.

Word is that instead of facing the humiliation of not even getting on the shortlist he has decided to bow out and avoid having to remove the egg on his face. The race is apparently starting to become a two horse one between Karl Turner, who says he is a barrister but this has been questioned by some, and Gary Wareing, a former local councillor.

It's a local seat for local people clearly.


S said...

you might want to check your link.

dizzy said...

oops. Fixed

Little Black Sambo said...

The less we hear of Master Leslie the better. A creep.