Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's only money!

I know everyone is excitedly looking at the Speaker and other MPs about expenses, but at least they have been mildly transparent. The other day we had news of an internal audit in the EU that potentially showed massive fraud by MEPs and, as the Times reports today, the publication of the report is likely to be withheld, it might cause red-faces I guess. There is also talk - according to a UKIP press release that landed in my inbox - of there possibily being another report of equally damning findings. Still.... it's only money!


Bob Piper said...

Perhaps it's the damning report about young Sam Farage, the Exeter University student who is 'doing a Conway' on his old man's payroll... whilst the old gal picks up another 24 grand a year for strutting her stuff for Nigel?

Or perhaps it's not, eh?

Anonymous said...

The MEP fraud dwarfs anything that happens in the UK Parliament. The resistance to publishing the findings of the EU investigation is a shocking way for a supposedly democratic institution to act.