Thursday, February 14, 2008

It 'could' also have been an accident

Yesterday evening I couldn't help myself from chuckling at the front page of the LondonPaper and this morning I'm sad to say that the Daily Telegraph has followed suit, albeit not on the front page. I am of course referring to the Diana Inquest and the video 'evidence' of the former MI6 spook, Richard Tomlinson. The headline followed this angle 'MI6 could have killed Diana'. Spot that great hedging word 'could'? For pity's sake, saying 'a giant turnip up the bottom could have killed Diana' is an equally valid statement.

When you actually read Tomlinson's evidence you learn that he only thought about this after watching a documentary on the crash in 1998, a year later. So it was telly that led him to the conclusion, along with a mysterious claim, maybe genuine, that there was a plan to assasinate Milosevic in a tunnel in a similar way by MI6, ergo, the so-called 'flash' in the tunnel 'could' have been black ops MI6 spooks rather than paparazzi taking pictures. Plus he's a former spook so he must know right?

Of course, the Express will no doubt be happy as they will be able to get Diana in the column inches once again, just next to Madeline McCann. Incidentally if you wonder what the obsession of the Express is really all about I have the scoop on that from an Express hack. Apparently 'dead blondes sell papers', funny but I thought their circulation was down.


Andy said...

Tomlinson is a dreadful publicity seeker and the crap papers just lap this stuff up as if it were news. He announced this about 8 years and it was covered then.

Anonymous said...

I am astonished that ANYONE now reads, let alone buys, the Daily Express. Its dwindling readership must now be confined to the wreath layers of Kensington Palace and a few crumblies who think Lord Beaverbrook is still in charge of aircraft production.