Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Government Works 101

1: Identify bleeding obvious problem in society but act as if you're the one that discovered it.
2: Announce you're going to hold a 'widespread review' with a plan to create a plan to tackle said problem.
3: Hold review over long period of time and refuse to comment further on policy apart from only ever referring to the fact you are having a review.
4: Publish five or ten year plan explaining how you're going to solve the problem because you've written that you will.
5: Spend next few years always referring to the master plan and that its implementation is coming along very nicely thank you.
6: As the end of the plan's lifetime nears, return to step 1 re-identifying the problem anew.


kinglear said...

Civil Derf has a thing about meetings that drain and destroy your soul. Of course, nothing ever gets done, but actually I think the electorate are no longer prepared to tolerate the " we're doing something" line, and are increasingly demanding what is ACTUALLY being DONE?

Unknown said...

The US Government was structured in order to preserve a balance of power between the three respective branches of government. The three branches are known as the legislative, judicial and executive. Our forefathers, concerned that one branch of government would become too powerful created a system of separated powers and checks and balances to help stabilize the public works.

public works environment said...

When the Chairs of House Banking, Senate Banking, Senate Finance, Public Works Environment and House Ways-and-Means are strong, then the Treasury Secretary is the more powerful position. But with a President who is strong and interested in economic policy, the Assistant to the President is the higher-ranking job.

public works energy said...

Normally two Senators are elected from every state in order to achieve equal representation among the states in the Senate. Each Senator is elected for a six-year term and no term limits are placed on a Senator's seat. Good work by public works energy.