Friday, January 11, 2008

Some local council absurdity

This is not a national news story, but last night I got told by a local councillor that he was going to an Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting. The Council he sits on is Labour-controlled and the agenda was light so they had apparently filled some time with a special powerpoint presentation by the Council officers.

The title of the presentation? "What is Value for Money?" It's good to see that bureaucratic silliness doesn't just restrict itself to central Government holding consultations about how to do consultations.

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John M Ward said...

Ah, we used to have that sort of thing when Labour and the LibDems ran Scrutiny here in Medway, before we Conservatives had an overall majority. They created a so-called "Co-Ordinating Committee" (plus five other Scrutiny committees) as a kind of power base for the Labour group leader -- as Labour were the main opposition.

Approx 40% of their 3-weekly meetings were cancelled owing to lack of business, and most of the rest lasted typically 20-30 minutes, so they padded them out with one or two officer presentations each meeting.

Although we still have such presentations when they are of value, they form part of the programme of work of our (now just four) scrutiny committees.