Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scottish Lib Dems in donor sleaze scandal

There appares to be a little trouble brewing for the Lib Dem in Scotland. According to the Herald there are allegation that the former Transport Minister, Tavish Scott, made changes to a proposed Aberdeen by-pass after meeting with a major Lib Dem donor who was lobbying for the change.

Apparently another by-pass opposition obtained a copy of his ministerial diary showing that he met with the donor, after which the route was changed. The former minister is has called it "outrageous mudslinging", and the donor, who owns First Oil, a donor I have written about here before, is threatening legal action.


Mulligan said...

Unfortunately the great British public don't seem to care one iota about what is just another ripoff or deceit perpetrated on us by the ruling establishment.

Rotten to the core, so what?

Unfortunately we all get what these people deserve.

Anonymous said...

Very similar to the bus regs non-change, despite a promise in the manifesto, following a certain large Souter bung to the Scotch Nats. They are all at it.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Cleggy thinks of the libdums performance in Scotland after the latest polls?

Only 4% of the electorate intend voting for them!

If I was Cleggy, I would be wanting to know why!

Having seen Nics performances at FM's questions, I suspect a child of 3 could have more impact!