Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ODPM's UK travel bill

I;m impressed, I really am, from 2002 to 2006, John Prescott's "Office of the Deputy Prime Minister managed to spend a total of £12,121,559 on travel in the UK. Must be those two jaguars guzzling up all that fuel and stopping off at the odd petrol station for a Ginsters pie!

Now some may say this an acceptable figure, but when you think about what his department actually did, which was bugger all for the most part, you have to wonder where it all went and how many people they were paying to sit in the back of a car.

Update: For anyone doubting the figure, it as established by adding up the yearly figures here.


Anonymous said...

Blimey Dizzy, £12mill, are you sure?

As my maths teacher used to say to me, "Smithers, have you got the decimal point in the right place?"

Anonymous said...

That's >£8000 per day!!

anthonynorth said...

A lot of this could have been chassis repairs to his Jags.

Anonymous said...

£12million?! That's astonishing!

Perry Neeham said...

That CAN'T be right surely? Nearly 2.5 million quid a year for UK travel? Even if the fat blighter took up two seats and had a huge staff it seems incredible.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how much per mile that works out to.