Monday, January 07, 2008

Nuking the Christmas Turkey?

Word reaches me that Andrew Brown - brother of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown - may well have had quite a pleasant Christmas. Apparently there was a little reshuffle at EDF Energy, Europes largest single nuclear energy supplier, and he was quietly promoted to Director of Communications.

Meanwhile today we have news that John Hutton will make an announcement to Parliament on Thursday outlining Gordon's the Government's decision on new nuclear power plants. Not, just for clarification, that I'm making a connection between the two things or that anything may have been discussed over the cranberry sauce.

It's interesting that Brown knows so much about the prospect for energy prices though. Wonder what he will say when EDF put their prices up shortly? It will no doubt happen after British Gas to try and avoid unnecessary backlash though, that's what a good Director of Communications would do, right?


haddock said...

of course Gay Gordo flogged off our expertise in nuclear power (BNFL/Westinghouse).... just before announcing a rethink on the UK considering building more nuclear power stations.

Anonymous said...

when we have the ability to build carbon neutral coal fired power stations and are sitting on a supply of coal good for hundreds of years why are the government thinking nuclear.Coal also produced enough gas to power this country for years.We should go back to it and be energy independant,not in hock to Europe or Russia.

Mulligan said...

How about something along the lines of;

EDF are making the right decisions for the long term future of Britain.

You know, the sort of sick making guff Brown insults us with in every announcement speech that should really be being given by the minister responsible for that department.

Old BE said...

We can't go back to coal, because that is not the manifesto. Labour always have to go forward.