Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MG Rover probe costs spiral

I've just read a Parliamentary answer from the DTI or whatever it is called now that says that their investigation into the collapse of MG Rover has so far cost the public purse just over £10 million including VAT and they have bugger all idea when it will conclude or a report will be published. Now doubt the cost will be called an 'investment' by some press offcier somewhere.


anthonynorth said...

But they've got to keep the pointless Commissars busy.

Old BE said...

My report for free:

1) HMG interfered near the 2001 election to ensure that the company was sold to "nice" investors not nasty evil private equity investors.

2) "Nice" investors asset stripped and feather-bedded in exactly the way the evil private equity investors were predicted to by the "nice" people.

3) "Nice" investors turned out to also be criminally incompetent and sold the only productive asset (Rover's IP) to the Chinese.

4) Company collapses, leaving other Chinese company to asset strip the rest.

Anonymous said...

"Eighty Tory MPs have been referred to the Electoral Commission by Labour for potentially failing to declare donations in the right way" Just in case you missed this over at the BBC politics page.

dizzy said...

That's nice, don't expect me to write anything about it any time tonight and maybe not tomorrow. I'm on Jury Service and after a day of sitting being bored I am finally doing something and tonight Torchwood is on. Feel free to scream about how the Tory is partisan and other such bollocks whilst ignoring the reality I do in fact have a fucking life. If it is a big story I will probably comment on it at some point making the same "tit for tat" argument I made the other day.

dizzy said...

For anyone wondering about Mike's comment, this is the story he's talking about.

anthonynorth said...

I was with you watching Torchwood. Politics or Torchwood?
Be serious. The country can go hang a while.

Now don't let the word 'hang' influence you on jury service, Dizzy.

Anonymous said...

For 10% of that cost I'd have told them:

It was a crap firm, producing crap cars, and it deserved to die.

Anonymous said...

and in addition to anonymous's comments:

Staffed by communists.