Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Has Brown used taxpayer money for Labour Party political videos?

The following is an still from a video on the Labour:Vision YouTube Channel.
The next still is from a video on the Downing Street YouTube channel.
Same suit? Same tie? Same place for filming? Looking the same strange direction? Only difference is they turned the lamp on in the Labour one and he's standing a little further along the room.

So.... who paid for the party political Labour:Vision video? The taxpayer? Or did the Labour Party loan a camera to the state? Questions, questions, questions!
Hat Tip: Via email from reader.


Unsworth said...

And precisely the same tie knot and position. Does he always do his tie exactly like this and very slightly off-centre? The shirt is the same, too.

Anonymous said...

And I note a very similar creepy smile and a hidden stash of bogeys up both nostrils ready for a mid-shoot snack.

Barnacle Bill said...

Lets get John Mann and Kevan Jones on the job!

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown appears to only have one suit - a black one (which is a big mistake if you have terminal dandruff like he has.)

Ties - there's the plain mid blue one, the plain lilac one, the plain red one. Can't think of any others.

Somehow, I don't think that being Gordon Brown's tailor is the easiest path to riches.