Friday, January 11, 2008

Cross party MPs start to ask questions about DVLA

How refreshing to see a motion in Parliament that is supported across party, and is raising an issue on data security and the DVLA. I've posted more than once about the way the DVLA gives out data and the fact that it charges for it. What has always worried me more than anything else is that the data itself can leave the DVLA to a legitimate company, but there is no real way of knowing whether the person receiving it is doing so for legitimate reasons.

Last year if I recall correctly there was the case of newspapers using private investigators who obtained infromation through DVLA leakage, so the fact that MPs from diffiferent have all raised the issue is actually quite pleasing. Having said that I doubt anyone will listen to the motion anyway.


anthonynorth said...

When both parties agree there's no debate and nothing is done.

Anonymous said...


Is there

1) any mechanism whereby an individual can ask the DVLA to disclose the names and addresses of all individuals / organisation to whom they have provided information about that individual and the basis on which the request was accepted

2) a basis for suing the DVLA for damages for any disclosure that they are not COMPELLED by law to make here they had discretion to decline to provide.

Large scale citizen action might just jam up the wheels and cause them to rethink.