Monday, December 24, 2007


What a day it was yesterday? First thing in the morning at about 6am I was out in my back garden having a cigarette. It was clear, three hours later the fog came. The best thing at 6am was the sight of the full moon as the silhouette of 747 flew across it, just didn't have a camera to hand. This is am amazing photo though.

I was walking on Plumstead Common which is about 5 miles from Canary Wharf and above it on the hill yesterday, I was wondering what it might look like over there. London was cast back into a Dickensian World of fog that's for sure, as the rest of the country was.

How was the fog where you were?


Anonymous said...

Fog? FOG?! - you call this fog?

Fog is what we wrinklies remember around 1960 in London - really thick, yellow, smelly stuff so dense you genuinely couldn't see the hand at the end of your arm, bus conductors (remember them?)walking in front of their vehicles waving a torch, and getting lost when walking a route that you'd done twice a day for years.

Okay, it was smog really.

Anonymous said...

Saffron Walden looked beautiful with the fog. Bring it on!

Linda Jack said...

Hi Dizzy

A stunning pic, I hope you don't mind if I use it on my party invite?

dizzy said...

Not my picture, was in all the papers on Christmas Eve. Not sure who took it.