Friday, December 28, 2007

Two recent post follow ups

Just a quick post with some updates. It appears that since I wrote on Christmas Eve that the Labour Party's youth wing was asking for credit card details over an unecrypted webpage they took the site down and then rapidly got it back up with secure certificates.

Unfortunately I don't know where the data goes when you click submit. It might be put in a database who it might just be emailed making the secure part of the website pointless. My heart wants to say it will at least be the former but my head thinks it is more likely the latter. I see they still accept membership request for one person using someone else's credit card though.

Also, in the Daily Telegraph today, there is a tale about how Gordon Brown has been ever so Stalinist and airbrushed all the bad bits out of his year review on the Downing Street website. Chris Grayling and Nick Clegg are quoted too. Yours truly, who wrote about it first yesterday wasn't. Ya boo! Sour grapes and all the jazz. Who's Nick Clegg anyway compared too me?!!


Anonymous said...

Dizzy please please please don't start being all Guido about this sort of thing. The papers are printed and arrive at shops in the middle of the night. They don't really have the chance to let everyone know what time they first spotted something. Sometimes, I know, the hacks are slow and lazy. But sometimes too they actually spot something for themselves and simply have to stick to their deadlines.

dizzy said...

1: You clearly don't get the amusing manner in which I wrote the above.

2: See point 1

3: I don't doubt others might have seen it as well, see point 1.

Anonymous said...


You are in a class of your own.

Do not take umbrage that the Telegraph and Mail regularly lift your stories. Those that need to know you know and that you should know.

dizzy said...

I'm all bashful now.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy, we already know some hacks c&p from popular forums/blogs and put their names to it.