Saturday, December 22, 2007

Say what?

There is a rather amusing story from Ben Brogan about that former minister that is blind and managed to have to resign twice in disgrace. You know, what's his name? David "I love ID cards because I have a financial interest in them" Blunkett. Apparently after making the usual gags at the What The Papers Say awards he decides to go after bloggers saying,
"Bloggers sometimes but rarely know what they are talking about, sometimes but rarely talk sense."
Well yes, the term "Bloggers" could be changed with any other word possible really and the rather broad vague statement would be still be largely accurate. In fact, you'd have to be blind to not realise that. The most obvious word I can think of to replace it would be "Politicians", but what do I know, I'm just a prole right?

Having said this, let us not forget that these words were said by the same prat that wrote to the Times to argue in favour of ID cards and brilliantly displayed that he didn't know what he was talking about, and didn't actually make any sense. Of course he didn't put his inane ramblings on a blog, instead he gets paid thousands to pontificate to us lesser mortals that have actually done real work through a column in the Sun, so that makes it alright.


Anonymous said...

I went to our local tip last week after a pre xmas clear out and what did i see peeking out of a split bag? why it was blunkers diary.Made me chuckle anyway.

Mr Eugenides said...

Nor did the Times see fit to acknowledge his interest in the ID cards issue, being paid adviser to a US firm bidding for parts of the national ID contract. It took bloggers to remind us of that.

flashgordonnz said...

He was talking of leftwing bloggers, no? Merry Christmas, Mr Dizzy.

Anonymous said...

I read bloggers through choice but I would need a gun at my temple to listen to blunkers inane witterings.

Unsworth said...

Apparently Blunkett is a newspaper columnist.

Nothing more need be said.