Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Rent boys fine, female prostitues not' says Harman?

Apparently Harriet Harman has decided she wants to ban prostitution. This is the oldest profession in the world, and frankly if someone wants to sell their body for sex then that is there business. Harman said,
"I think we do need to have a debate and unless you tackle the demand side of human trafficking which is fuelling this trade, we will not be able to protect women from it. That is what they've done in Sweden. My own personal view is that's what we need to do as a next step.

Do we think it's right in the 21st century that women should be in a sex trade or do we think it's exploitation and should be banned? Just because something has always gone on, it doesn't mean you just wring your hands and say there's nothing we can do about it."
No denies that illegal trafficking is an issue, but as the UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom noted,
"If open borders facilitate legal trade, then by definition it will facilitate illegal trade, and by a much greater degree. With the EU relaxing controls on its internal borders to the east on December 21st, it will be paradise for pimps as they can smuggle more and more people into the country.

"If these politicians want to do some good rather than posturing, then I suggest leaving legal, consensual prostitution alone and looking at how and why these trafficked women are coming into the country."
Personally I think the most important thing to note in Harriet Harman's nannying is that she doesn't seem to be too bothered about rent boys. It's only women in the sex trade that she cares about. So much for her being interested in "equality" huh?


Nicodemus said...

More votes in appealing to particular interest groups that way, old chap. Oh, and it's one way to try and get the heat off over taking bent cash.
I seem to recal Neil Hamilton being labled sleaxy over being paid ten grand to ask questions in the house. Nothing in comparison to the socialist kleptocracy we live in now.

Cox says said...

She's correct in saying just because something has been around forever doesn't make it right - BUT, the fact that prostitution has been around for ages even with attempts to get rid of it tells us that we are tackling the problem from the wrong angle. Why not legalise brothels so they can be policed properly and the women of the night can get the healthcare and help they often need?

Anonymous said...

Has the Swedish laws stopped prostition there ?

Mostly Ordinary said...

More laws ... from what I've heard from Labour MPs on the radio this is to stop women being trafficed and forced into the sex slave. I thought we had a law against that and called it rape?

A few rape convictions for men using sex slaves would do far more than this stupid idea.

Windsor Tripehound said...

I was amused to hear the Harperson say on Radio 4 yesterday, whilst going on about prostitution,

"When I was Solicitor-General..."

I think I detected a snigger in the background. Can't think why.

Unknown said...

Wait. Isn't prostitution already illegal over there?

Mark M Heenan said...

What worries me is that she says she wants to tackle the "demand side". The demand comes from blokes getting randy, so does she propose to chop men's balls off?

Anonymous said...

RWP, you correctly note that prostitution in itself is not illegal on this side of the pond. The illegal bit is soliciting (either offering or asking for) a sex act for pecuniary reward. I thought it was pretty much the same in most states over there.