Friday, December 21, 2007

Paul is Dead! Paul is Dead!

There has, it seems, been a lot of fuss made over an advert that Mike Huckabee has done in America for his presidential nomination bid which had a "floating cross" in it. Ron Paul has attacked him and so have others because Huckabee is an evangelical. So what do you say in response to such things? Well you do this of course:

Whether you agree with the man's religious views or not, his response was, I think brilliant.


Anonymous said...

So that just leave Ringo.

Anonymous said...

Sad. One, because they think a bookshelf is a subliminal cross.
Two, that they attack him for it.

Ah well.

Ttony said...

Witty, spontaneous politician.

Witty, spontaneous American politician!

Has the world changed?

Anonymous said...

ttony wrote?

Witty, spontaneous American politician!

One wonders if it's not too risky to be spontaneous in politics these days.

Seems to me that, in this country, the politicians are all looking over their shoulders to see what the spin doctors advise. That's why I won't vote for 'Biker Dave'.

Is it just because I'm a boring old fart that I despise and detest pretty well all the people that are these days termed as politicians?

I've more time for Dennis Skinner (whose values I abhor) than the leader of the party I've voter for these past fifty odd years.

I know 'old farts' have always been
at odds with the 'present day'.

But can you blame us?

Anonymous said...

The original ad was a topic on PBS Newshour's political wrap this week.

The talking heads couldn't see a problem with a Christian message, for what is, a Christian holiday, and apparently he's been getting a LOT of free publicity out of it.

The other candidates all finished their ads with a weaselish 'merry Christmas AND happy holidays' - fence-sitters all.

Andy said...

I think the bookshelf was deliberate but the come back was a classic! Loony but my kind of loony!